Reap the benefits of having a confidential, outside, independent, and completely objective thinking partner.

HR Alternatives' Leadership Coaching Practice provides well experienced coaches who are business professionals with very strong analytical, communication and strategic problem solving skills. Your coach can help you deal with difficult work related situations, brainstorm alternative strategies and provide you with new and additional perspectives.

​"You were so instrumental in our survival, I think of you as a team member, rather than a vendor. You taught us all so much!" J. Foley, New England Satellite Systems, Inc.

"Jane Callahan worked with Rex Cut for years on Team Building, Coaching, and HR consulting as needed. She is one of the most professional people I know. Her consulting on teams is one of the reasons Rex Cut survived the world slowdown in business" J. Carroll, Rex-Cut Products Inc.

​Whether to develop new skills, leave behind old habits, or to take your strengths and abilities to the next level; your business coach can help you establish the vision, set the course and create the action necessary. A thinking partner, a confidant, and when appropriate: a "mirror" enabling you to see the impact of your behavior and decisions. Coaching memberships may be contracted by your organization (Corporate Coaching) or you as an individual (Individual Coaching). When the organization contracts for the membership, specific objectives and reporting requirements are pre-established and agreed to by all parties.