On July 17, 2017, USCIS released a revised version of Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification. Employers may continue using Form I-9 with a revision date of 11/14/2016 N through September 17, 2017. By September 18, 2017, employers must use the revised form.

Here is the new form in English and Spanish as well as Instructions for completing the form. 

New MA Pay Equity law bars MA employers from asking prospective employees for salary history.

The IRS has released FINAL instructions and revised forms 1095C and 1094C in compliance with the ACA. 

Form 1095C must be provided to employees by January 31, 2017. Form 1094C must be submitted to the IRS by February 28, 2017.
This process proved to be a challenge for many this year. Applicable large employers should begin preparing now.

With the exception of a few minor changes, the filing instructions will be very similar to 2015. A very nice summary prepared by Eastern Benefits Group can be found here.

DOL Issued Final Rules on May 18, 2016

The Department of Labor TODAY issued the much anticipated final rules for "exempt" status under the Fair Labor Standard Act FLSA.
This legislation has been temporarily blocked by a Texas Judge. Employers may continue with existing rules until further notice.
The new rules WERE to go into effective December 1, 2016.

While not yet published in the Federal Register, the newly approved rules are being provided to the public now here:


"Specifically, the Final Rule:

  • Sets the standard salary level at the 40th percentile of earnings of full-time salaried workers in the lowest-wage Census Region, currently the South ($913 per week; $47,476 annually for a full-year worker);
  • Sets the total annual compensation requirement for highly compensated employees (HCE) subject to a minimal duties test to the annual equivalent of the 90th percentile of full-time salaried workers nationally ($134,004); and
  • Establishes a mechanism for automatically updating the salary and compensation levels every three years to maintain the levels at the above percentiles and to ensure that they continue to provide useful and effective tests for exemption.

Additionally, the Final Rule amends the salary basis test to allow employers to use non-discretionary bonuses and incentive payments (including commissions) to satisfy up to 10 percent of the new standard salary level."

Here is a SUMMARY:

Overview and Summary of Final Rule

New Form I-9 now available.

OSHA's New Training Resource for Employers

​The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued a new 200+ page guide to assist employers, safety and health professionals and training directors with OSHA’s training-related requirements.

Get your copy here:

Get it here

Here is a helpful resource for employers managing the FMLA


Get the required poster here:


On August 1,Governor Baker signed a bill that is a "first-in-the-nation" banning employers from asking prospective employees what they are currently earning.

The new Act goes into effect in Massachusetts on January 1, 2018 with the intention of closing the wage gap between men and women in like positions. It replaces the MA Equal Pay Act. Plan your interviewing process, audit existing wages, identify disparities and develop compensation strategies accordingly.

Read more about the requirement of the act here.