"Provide this session once a year to revise our expectations and goals. This session must be with Jane Callahan. she is great!!!" A. Carretta, UMASS Boston 

"Overall workshop helped me to focus and reminded me of why I'm here, to focus on that which I can control, and to remember that I have a high profile, so I need to watch what I say." K. Brooks

"Very well presented ..." R. Myers

"Excellent - I very much liked the participatory aspect of this workshop." T. O'Donnell, UMASS Boston

"I really enjoyed this workshop. It helped me to try new procedures along with being more helpful to future and present customers." M. Jones, UMASS Boston

"Some practical ideas on how to approach specific problems most useful and informative." M. Kolkebeck, UMASS Boston

"Listing goals, listening to my co-workers; I'm very happy to have done this with my co-workers." L. McManus

"I liked Jane's personal stories of her work experience -- she is a very positive person." "Jane is an excellent speaker. Very informative about the material and enthusiastic." J. Wade

"I was very pleased to attend this workshop. I've got lots of new ideas. Great presentation." C. Dupont, Massasoit CC

"I enjoyed the discussions/dialog of the "red-green" game." G. Bell, Massasoit CC

"Fast-paced. I enjoyed the seminar. Frankly, I was dreading having to spend the day on this activity, but it was worth my time." B. Mercomes, Massasoit CC

"Excellent - I learned that very innocent situations can be misconstrued and how many different situations occur daily. Very well done - extremely comfortable setting." S. Lulay, World Publications

"Speakers were very knowledgeable about topic. Made a sensitive topic interesting and fun." Manager participant, Shields Health Care Group

"Good definition of what is/ not sexual harassment. This workshop let everyone know what is expected of us at our own workplace." J. Solari, World Publications

"I was actually dreading this session, but found it to be incredibly informative and fun -- many thanks!!" Manager participant, Shields Health Care Group

"Real life examples being discussed was most useful." C. Merolli, Shields Health Care Group

"Discussing situations openly was most helpful. This workshop was excellent and very informative." W. White, World Publication

Some Workshops previously designed and delivered: 

  • HR Compliance Topics
  • Leadership for today's workforce
  • Supervisory Skills Development
  • Legal Issues for Managers
  • Team Building
  • Customer Service
  • Internal Customer Service
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Skills Development
  • Interpersonal Influence
  • Coaching & Counseling Employees
  • Interviewing & Selecting Employees
  • Harassment & Sexual Harassment
  • Problem Solving & Creative Thinking
  • Time Management & Oganizational Skills Development

Your workshop will be tailored to meet your specific desired end results.​

HR Alternatives designs and delivers hands-on workshops for employees at all levels to address performance achievement and drive results. All workshops are designed to be highly interactive and to provide participants with tools and techniques that can be utilized immediately. 

We'll work with you to identify training needs and specific desired end results in support of organization and Human Resources objectives. 

We'll identify, and group, target audiences for maximum return on investment -- measured in terms of cost and desired end results.

"Jane, when we asked participants what they liked most about the program, we got responses like . . .'presenters' knowledge about content' 'subject matter was very well covered'; 'Concise - to the point presentations - excellent application.' Thank you for being a part of this program. You gave the participants not only a new way of managing performance, but also a new perspective on their employees. Thanks again." - Michelle, local Chamber of Commerce